Introducing Bandit

Introducing Bandit


Introducing Bandit

Well, isn’t this a turn up for the books. After 7 years of being part of the furniture here in the shop, they’ve finally given me a job to do! Chief Blogger, no less.

I’ll admit to feeling mildly perturbed at the sudden imperative to earn my keep, following my glory yearsof lounging in the back office, no requirements being made of me but to form the charming focal point.

But, I’ll go with it.

I’m certainly best-placed to disclose the juiciest gossip from behind the scenes. Oh yes, quite the perceptive pooch, I am. I don’t think they realise just how much I see and hear, one eye and ear always protruding from under my blanket.

Introducing Bandit Take yesterday, for example. I was chilling in my basket as usual, watching one of them create a hand-tie – always a mesmerising spectacle, this particular one a whirlwind of delicate grasses and pink petals – when I overheard discussions about an art festival. Art in the Park, apparently.

Over the past couple of years I have witnessed Sarah establish a whole new illustrative venture, brandishing her ink pens around her easel and covering all manner of surfaces with her decidedly striking designs. I’ve seen china cups, glass candle holders and even – would you believe – goose eggs adorned with her etchings. Unsurprisingly, they all carry a botanical theme…I swear, that lady is devoted to flowers.

Introducing Bandit Anyway, it appears that a whole new project has been born from her discovering that she possesses an artistic affinity, and now she is taking this whole new range of wares to the festival. She’ll be pitching up next to floral watercolour artist Jane Archer – so if you like your flower power in doses of double trouble, get yourself down to Jephson Gardens on the first weekend in August.

Personally, I’m chuffed about the whole affair, as it means I’m boss for the day. Saturdays are always busy here, what with all the colourful chaos of Treat Yourself Saturday, but rest assured we’ll be running like clockwork under my reign.

Ooo, hang on a minute…yes! Woof! Must dash, the delivery man is here. Woof! Biscuit! WOOF!


Bandit          Introducing Bandit


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