Details of how Nature Botanicals Palette was made

Step into the fascinating world of botanical artistry as we unveil the intricate details behind the creation of "Nature's Botanical Palette," the masterpiece set to grace the Chelsea Flower Show 2024. From its inception as a mere design submission among many to the painstaking construction of each branch, root, and stem, every step of this awe-inspiring journey showcases the dedication and skill of the artisans at Sarah Horne Botanicals Academy.

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The design ‘Nature’s Botanical Palette’ was submitted to the RHS along with many other entries. We were thrilled to be accepted as one of just 10 exhibitors in Floral Creations at the Chelsea Flower Show 2024

A tiny model was made to work out the branch construction.


Copper pipe taken from the Academy renovation was used as the backbone of the structure .

Further pipes were added and gym weights were used as ballast . The pipes were carefully bent into shape and everything was cable tied together.

Thousands of metres of wires were measured out in bundles .
This bundle was for our test branch
The wires were all twisted together to create the branch structure

This process was repeated 14 times , each branch takes 3 days to create. 

Gradually the sculpture was building up.

Once woven, the ends of each branch are curled.

Using a hand made tool and our trusty vice the roots , trunk and stems were formed.

The copper pipes were each hand bound and placed in their final construction. The twisted wire vines were then added .

Recycled plastic bottles were cut down and covered in hand dyed cheese wax to match each branch .


These were designed to be the water source for the flowers within the branches.

Balls of twisted wire were then formed to hold the flowers secure .

Everything was prepared for assembly

Almost ready to be fitted…. Just the roots and fixings to be tidied and twisted…. Another 2 days work!


By now the flowers and plants are being selected and the plants cared for in the studio.

The 3 root placements are made for the carnivorous plants

It’s hungry work preparing to be exhibited at Chelsea Flower Show

The branches being secured one by one , the ultimate lesson in patience as every time branches touch they become entangled!

Tiny taped bowls are wired on for the foliage around the roots.

The flower choices constantly being re evaluated and honed. 

And here is the stunning result after weeks of meticulous craftsmanship :



After weeks of hard work, here's the amazing final result. Huge thanks to our sponsors and supporters. We hope to see you at our academy soon!