See Us At Chelsea Flower Show 2024

The Sarah Horne Academy are thrilled to have been awarded one of just 10 coveted places in the Floristry 'Floral Creations' section at Chelsea Flower Show ...

Our Design;- Natures Botanical Palette

The design is an ambitious interpretation of the glorious array of colours to be found in the botanical world. The humble tree represents nature and the Sarah Horne Academy team will create this tree as a magnificent everlasting sculpture using coloured wire, twigs mossed rope and wax all formed around a commissioned metal frame which will provide the strong core needed to sustain the structure and its botanical material. The main emphasis of this piece is of course the glorious array of flowers and plants which our planet affords us.

The wires of the framework will subtly change from tone to tone, hue to hue. The sculpture will show several creative techniques and be a starting point to guide the viewers eye calmly through the wonderful array of coloured flowers used in this showcase. The piece is of course foam free, the flowers will be arranged in water filled handmade wax bowls created with integrated spikes to hold all materials in place. There will also be planted areas for relief.

The technical challenge of bringing all of these amazing flowers and colours together in one design will be addressed using the Japanese colour methodology of ‘natural harmony’.Taking tiny steps in tint, tone hue and shade this design will create an uplifting and inspiring showcase of Natures Botanical Palette.

Sustainability is of course important , where possible the wires used are recycled and the  structure will last as a sculpture for many years. Locally grown flowers from Gentle Blooms, a local grower, will be used where possible and we have a fabulous local nursery for succulents and willows. As this piece is designed to showcase blooms from around the planet we will be sourcing the remainder of our flowers through our Dutch supplier, they will arrive on our regular weekly delivery. The fresh material will of course predominate over the framework when the work is complete.

**Sponsorship Opportunity: 'Nature's Botanical Palette' at Chelsea Flower Show**

Sarah Horne Academy is thrilled to secure one of only 10 coveted spots in the prestigious 'Floral Creations' section at the Chelsea Flower Show with their masterpiece, 'Nature's Botanical Palette.' Selected from hundreds of applicants, this botanical sculpture promises to captivate attendees with its handmade wire intricacy.

**About Sarah Horne:**

Sarah, a three-time gold medalist and Chelsea Florist of the Year in 2011, brings her expertise to this year's exhibit. In 2014, as co-designer of the Royal Leamington Spa community exhibit, she earned a Silver medal. Now, the brand new Sarah Horne Academy seeks your support to fund the creation, logistics, and staging of their botanical marvel.

**Sponsorship Tiers for individuals and businesses:**

- All sponsors will receive public acknowledgment on Sarah Horne Flowers and Academy's website, social media, and in-store promotions(Unless otherwise requested).

- Individuals or businesses donating from £50 to £500 will receive a heartfelt gift ranging from Sarah Horne branded giftware to limited edition prints and unique miniature tree sculptures crafted by the team.

**Exclusive Gifts:**

- £50-£100: Sarah Horne branded giftware(either a Tea towel, Notebook, mug …)

- £101-£350: Limited edition signed print of Sarah's exhibit painting

- £351-£500: Limited edition miniature tree sculpture made after the event by Sarah and the Academy team.

- Surplus funds, if any, will be donated to Myton Hospice.

**Why Sponsor?**

- To support a small local business who has enhanced the high street and proudly served Royal Leamington Spa for over 43 years 

- Businesses:- align your brand with a renowned artist and a team with a track record of success at Chelsea Flower Show.

- Gain exposure through website, social media, and in-store promotions.

- Receive exclusive, personalised gifts as tokens of gratitude.

Join us in making 'Nature's Botanical Palette' a success at Chelsea Flower Show and contribute to the flourishing artistic legacy of Sarah Horne Academy.

For sponsorship, 

Scan the ‘Just Giving QR Code below or contact or call us on 01926 424826 for enquiries. Together, let's bloom at Chelsea Flower Show!