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Phalaenopsis Orchid Print

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Sarah captures the natural splendour of this magnificent Phalaenopsis Orchid  plant 

The original drawing has been sold. please contact the shop to check availability of prints.

Delivered anywhere in England Tuesday to Friday. Please note there is a 1 - 2 week lead time on all prints.

Artists statement:-


“Having worked with the wondrous glory of botanicals for over 40 years. the love affair runs deep. I have grown to know their detail as second nature. their ephemeral beauty is both timeless and fleeting. The joy that they bring to us is incalculable and sometimes unfathomable. The idea of capturing just a fragment of this is irresistible. Initially I chose to see beyond the obvious appeal of colour, realising that hidden behind it was the often surreptitious element of texture. Fine line ink  pens whilst unforgiving as a medium are the perfect vehicle to capture their hidden details.

I love to draw from life. my  process is to sketch the composition, I rarely draw the composition that I see, I love to design it. the next step is to ink in the outlines. Then the magic begins… I begin to work the detail, nothing is more thrilling than seeing the first flower or leaf develop into full focus, then gradually see it all come to life. 

With the watercolour process. I draw an initial sketch followed by an underpainting, then generally around six layers to bring each element into focus. with texture still to the fore, colour is an exciting progression and now acrylics offer such a forgiving medium that allows me to work on some large canvasses..the possibilities are endless”