Giant cactus Bottlegarden

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This large self sufficient indoor garden makes an intriguing addition to any home, whether its a gift or a well deserved treat.

This giant bottle garden 27cm high by 40cm wide. Bottle Garden plants need plenty of light, but preferably not direct sunlight, which can scorch the leaves. Don’t put them close to radiators. The benefit of a bottle garden is it creates its own micro climate and needs very little care. This  Bottle Garden in particular is made in Recycled glass.

Bottle gardens combine similar plants that thrive in the same growing conditions in one arrangement. Sarah Horne has perfectly selected these to ensure longevity and a beautiful arrangement. Bottle gardens make an eye catching centre piece on a table or sideboard. It has also been said that near a PC in your office is great for Cactus Gardens. The florescent light flues the Cacti in this bottle garden. What a lovely way to bring some live to you office.


The psychological benefits of indoor plants have been shown as:

  • An improved mood
  • Reduced stress levels
  • Increased worker productivity (adding plants to office environments in particular)
  • Increased speed of reaction in a computer task
  • Improved attention span (in some scientific studies, but not all)
  • Increased pain tolerance (for example, where plants were used in hospital settings)

The physical health benefits of indoor plants have been shown as:

  • Reduced blood pressure
  • Reduced fatigue and headaches by 20-25 percent in one study
  • Patients in hospital rooms with plants reported decreased post-operative pain

It is worth noting that the effect of plant species and cultivar differences has not been specifically investigated.

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