Hawthorne Blossom Greetings Card


Inspired by Sarah’s delicately detailed pen and ink drawing of Stargazer lily and Cinnamon flowers with rolled cinnamon Bark, this luxury A-6 Conqueror stonemarque greetings card is is left blank for any occasion and accompanied by an equally beautiful yet minimalistic die/cut card envelope and branded seal to compose an expertly hand designed greetings kit.


Naturally beautiful delicate hawthorne blossom is given a contemporary twist with this monochrome illustration. A stunning interpretation of this lovely British plant! The Pink Hawthorne Blossom greetings card features Sarah’s detailed pen and ink drawing. This luxury A5 stonemarque greetings card is is left blank and is accompanied by a beautiful yet minimalistic die cut card envelope and branded seal, to compose an expertly hand-designed greetings kit.

Dimensions: A5 card with die cut envelope.