Sarah’s Book, With a charity donation to Helping Hands

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Sarah’s Special Offer during  the Covid 19 Pandemic, a £5 donation Will be sent  to Helping Hands, the wonderful local charity which is continuing to support vulnerable people through this extreme time.

This stylish coffee table book featuring stunning floral creations designed by Sarah Horne, beautiful planted designs by Jo Jarvis and stunning photography by Gary Maxwell…. not to mention of course glorious front cover and chapter shots modelled by the gorgeous Gavin Fairley, showing us beautiful yoga poses wearing just flowers and a smile! This beautiful hardback book also features uplifting messages to go along with the floral sculpture, great as a gift or just as a treat for yourself. You can just leave it open on a different page each day to make you smile!



Sarah's Book, With a charity donation to Helping Hands


Sarah's Book, With a charity donation to Helping Hands

Botanical Art, For Your Eyes Only

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A beautiful coffee table book by our very own Sarah Horne and Jo Jarvis both highly regarded award winning floral designers. The book is  a culmination of ideas and inspiration showing designs ‘outside the box’, the love of nature and the imagination of these talented designers. One of the main objectives of this book was to broaden peoples concepts of floral design not just for those in the floriculture industry but to encourage all flower lovers to see how botanical material can be used with a little imagination in every day life.

From the creation of a romantic floral dinner in the woods, the opulence of the fragrant floral bead spread through to the idea of the male model, where the character of the person and the flowers meld in to one another to create living art as you have never seen before!

33cm x 25cm x 2cm

Hardback with dust jacket.


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