Christmas Candle Cube

£35.00£125.00 Or from £11.67 each when you split the cost between 3 using Chippin

The Christmas Candle Cube brings festive style and sparkle to your living space. A divine Stargazer & Cinnamon candle nestles within fabulous foliage and flowers, set in a contemporary glass cube. The 2 different sizes offer that extra special Christmas flair to any size of table:

Classic Cube = 15cm cube base (flowers and foliage extend beyond), with a Classic 20cl Candle – £70

Petite Cube = 10cm cube case (flowers and foliage extend beyond), with a Petite 9cl Candle – £35

Order a few cubes together to line up down your dinner table for a stunning style, or to give as beautiful gifts!

3x Petite Cube = £100

2x Petite Cube & 1x Classic Cube = £125


Available in 4 sumptuous hues:

Purple & White

Traditional Red & Green

White & Green

Vibrant Cerise & Orange