Castle Black

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Enigmatic, elegant and wickedly exquisite, starring a real diamond!  

Our limited edition collection of sculptured bridal bouquets have been handcrafted by Sarah Horne, channeling her expertise and passion for floral design into exquisite creations. Sarah has used techniques developed specifically for the Chelsea Flower Show, during which she won a Gold Medal for her wedding designs in 2008.

Castle Black is dramatic, mysterious and devastatingly beautiful. The bouquet features extraordinary black roses that have been stabilised as soon as they are picked, so they are guaranteed to last for at least a year (but will go on and on when cared for). One rose cradles a natural rough diamond with its silky petals. The rose heads are nestled amongst leaves made from deconstructed vintage-style broaches. Sculptured leaves embellished with freshwater pearls, beads and crystals complete this striking, unique piece of art.    

The process of stabilisation utilises the double immersion technique, using fresh flowers picked in their most beautiful stage. At the end of this careful procedure the flowers have a pure look and feel and will last for a very long time.

Following these guidelines will ensure your bouquet retaining its stunning form for as long as possible:

Store the bouquet indoors

Avoid touching the flowers

Do not water

Avoid long exposure to sunlight behind glass

Do not store close to a heat source

Store at humidity below 70%