Muddy Parks and Secret Gardens

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Muddy Parks and Secret Gardens

Eurgh, I’ve just come in from the rain – I do so detest trailing my paws through those puddles. Most undignified. The other canines in the park were, as usual, loving it. A great labrador bounded past me, grinning into the wet wind, beads of dirty water streaming from his fur. I shudder to think of how long it will take to restore his gleaming coat. What’s more, as I carefully picked my way along the path between clumps of mud, a spaniel lacking self-control dived over me and straight into the river! Astonishing. Do these pooches actually enjoy the post-walk shampoo ordeal?

Muddy Parks and Secret Gardens Hurrying back into the shop, my spirits were somewhat lifted. One of the wooden tables was covered in the most exquisite floral gifts – Hadiah Boxes, I believe the term to be. Sarah’s signature black-and-white boxes, adorned with her botanical fine line drawings, were bursting with fresh flower heads. Each box sported its own mood, petals and colours complimenting one another. I lost a couple of minutes to mesmerisation, imagining the recipient of these delightful presents taking hold of the ribbon and lifting the lid to reveal a mini secret garden.

Muddy Parks and Secret Gardens

Given the prematurely autumnal feel to the current weather, I felt particularly drawn to the Hadiah Boxes with tea lights nestled between the petals. Flowers glowing in candle light would be a sight to warm through even the most underwhelming of summer days.

If you know someone who deserves a charming little treat, see the full collection here. Point to note, though – if you’re buying for a dog, go for food.

Muddy Parks and Secret Gardens

As appreciative as I am of these boxes of natural beauty, I must admit I would have preferred discovering a table piled with biscuits following my exposure to the elements…

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