It’s all gone wedding crazy…

Did someone say wedding season?

A very beautiful, yet extremely busy, week here in Royal Leamington Spa!

It's all gone wedding crazy... It’s all florists on deck. Luxurious ivory roses are being tied into bouquets, accented by soft ferns and peppered with delicate Gypsophila. The ‘Chelsea Gold Medalist’ accolade is certainly shining through – the storage room, where all the flowers are kept in cool conditions, could almost pass as an RHS pavilion today.

Stunning white orchids are blooming from tall elegant vases and pale pink petals are blushing from exquisite table decorations. It is, well and truly, gorgeous.

My strategy is to lay low. It’s clear that causing any fuss on such a hectic day would not be my best move. It's all gone wedding crazy... And, considering that fuss = effort, I’m more than happy with this arrangement.

They work, I snooze. Ideal.

The celebratory wedding vibe seems to be oozing from the flower stems and into the air, causing a lot of jollity and laughter as they work. Pleasant though this is, I wouldn’t mind a bit of peace soon. A blogging dog needs his sleep!

It's all gone wedding crazy... If you are off to a wedding this weekend, or indeed starring in one, have a fabulous time!

’Til next time,

Bandit It's all gone wedding crazy...




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